At the end of August 2022, we had 19 panels installed (7.2kW), a Solax hybrid inverter, and batteries.

The panels are located at the rear of the house, because we’re in the UK (facing roughly SE 138 °). The two 5.8kW batteries are located in a utility room, so they shouldn’t get too hot or too cold.


The panels were successful from day one. By 11am, batteries are full and we’re exporting electricity to the grid. On our electricity provider’s usage graph above, it’s obvious to see when the solar panels were installed.

However, now that we’re in winter the solar production has reduced. To compensate, we’ve changed our electricity provider to access a six hour cheap overnight tariff (10p), which means we can recharge the batteries (peak price is 44p) and run some appliances overnight.


We’re considering increasing the solar array to ~ 10kW) and to increase battery storage (we can add up to three batteries to our Solax hybrid inverter).


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