Love Food, Hate Waste

As Mr Mint can attest to, I love budgeting in YNAB; I think it’s the financial comfort it gives me.  However, our food planning leaves a lot to be desired and I believe it’s draining our budget.  Our monthly grocery shop has been known to go over NZ$1200/US$800/£600/€700 (that included nappy supplies, toiletries and cleaning supplies) for two adults and a toddler.

I’ve been using Budget Bytes for a while and rarely do the flavours disappoint us, but I still feel I’m not planning properly.

I’m going to try the Love Food Hate Waste meal planner because it includes the shopping list and how to use the leftovers.  This is an NZ (southern hemisphere) meal planner, so the seasons are the opposite to the northern hemisphere. If you’re interested in the planner, you can get it here: Easy Choice Meal Planner

The planner is supposed to feed a family of six for NZ$60/US$40/£30/€35  a week, but we may go slightly over to make the food gluten-free for Mr Mint. I’ll post the details and our spending on this blog so you can see how we get on.  Wish us luck!


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