Good Gluten Free Pizza Bases

I was out food shopping at lunchtime and wanted something quick. I decided to buy some pizza toppings and bases. Mr Mint is trialling gluten free for a month (to see if he feels less bloated and uncomfortable after eating bread products), so my options were restricted.

Unfortunately, his first attempt at a restaurant gluten free pizza didn’t go well (yuck and disgusting). However, I’d heard good things about the gluten free sprouted flour pizza bases.

SUCCESS! Mr Mint was pleasantly surprised and gave these the thumbs up, plus he didn’t feel uncomfortable/bloated after eating them. He said he didn’t notice any difference to normal pizza, so he didn’t feel like he was missing out. My little mint also ate it without any fuss.

I’ll try making something similar at home to save on the hefty price tag. (I prefer to use our bread maker to mix and raise the dough, so I’m not spending time away from my little mint.) When I find a good recipe, I’ll add it to this site.

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