Basic Super Dad Card

In NZ, we celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September.  I decided to help my little mint make a card.  Mr Mint doesn’t like money being spent on Fathers’ Day; he just likes to know he’s appreciated by getting a sleep in and breakfast in bed.

Mr Mint loves superheroes, Dr Who and Star Wars.  I’d love to create a TARDIS card, but we only had 30 minutes to spare.  Maybe next year.  I decided to help my little mint create a Superman/Clark Kent themed card, because  Superman is Mr Mint’s favourite superhero.

Here’s what we used:

  • Plain white card (I had some A5 leftover, but you could use A4)
  • Glue
  • Blue paint (or use blue paper)
  • Superhero logo
  • Tie cutout (I used this free template)
  • Colouring pencils (or more paint) for the tie and logo

Here are the steps we used:

  1. With the card in landscape, fold the card a quarter from left.  Repeat on the right. (Looks like a double doorway.)
  2. Paint the inside centre of the card in blue (leaving “doors” white) or glue down some blue paper.
  3. Once the paint (or glue) is dry, glue on a logo to the centre of the blue inner of the card.  As we used paint, I also used a marker pen down the edges of the blue paint to neaten the paint lines.
  4. Once the glue is dry, close the “doors” of the card and fold down the tops to make a fake shirt collar effect.
  5. Next, you’ll need to glue on the tie, but only glue it to one of the closed doors.  (I picked a tie my little mint could colour in.)
  6. Leave the glue to dry.
  7. Write your message on the card.
  8. If you wanted (and have more time than us), you could glue on a red cape or add some more details to the shirt e.g. buttons.

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