Lionbridge: Work from home

A few months ago I started investigating the possibility of evening work from home (after my little mint had gone to bed). During a search on SEEK, I came across a company called Lionbridge.

I can’t give out too many details due to a non-disclosure agreement, but the work is easy enough.  I didn’t have an interview; I just had to work through some tests to see if my brain works the way they need it to.  The money is very low at first, due to inexperience, but it does increase as you get better.  I can’t make it a main source of income, but I certainly won’t say no to the money if it helps us to be mortgage free.

Lionbridge pay from overseas, so I have to keep some money back to pay my income tax later in the year.  They don’t always have jobs available in your region, so you may need to keep checking back.

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