Hate to budget, love to YNAB

What is YNAB?

YNAB (pronounced Y-NAB) is a highly addictive zero-based budgeting process, also known as You Need A Budget.  Additionally, they have amazing software to help you stick to the process.  It takes a few months to get it right, but it’s been worth it for us.

YNAB runs regular live classes to help you succeed with money, which are completely free to attend without buying the software.  This stuff should really be taught in schools!!!

Why do I love YNAB? 

We can afford for me to be full time mum to my little mint.

How did it all start?

Before my little mint arrived, I stumbled upon an app called YNAB (You Need A Budget) on a “mortgage free wannabe” board.  Mr Mint and I had good incomes, but overpaying the mortgage seemed impossible as all our money had gone at the end of the month.

YNAB offered a 30-day trial and has an amazing fan base around the world, so I signed up for the trial.  Within that month we’d save hundreds of dollars in overspending; I was hooked!  A few months later, we had a car problems ($$$) and YNAB was there to hold our hand through it all.  It turned an emergency (read credit card debt and money fights) into a minor inconvenience.

YNAB costs US$83.99 a year, so roughly NZ$125 at the time of writing this article.  If you want a discount, click here for my referral link.  It gives both you and me one month free.

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