Frog Room Sign

More wet weather means more craft time. I found a great Craft book when I was volunteering at the local toy library with my little mint.

We decided to make a frog room sign for my little mint and she loves it.  You could easily make another animal using the template e.g. a monkey, rabbit, cat or dog.  I’m no kind of artist, but I did draw the shapes free hand and not symmetrical!

I was going to make the eyes from the same coloured card, but changed my mind to use white paper to make the eyes prominent.  I had some old rounded edge sticky notes that I used for the tummy patch, but any paler coloured paper or card would do.

  • Coloured A4 card (head, body, limbs)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White paper (eyes)
  • Black felt tip pen
  • Light coloured card or paper (tummy panel)
  • Sellotape
  • Ribbon or string
  1. On the coloured card, use a pencil to mark out the following:
    • two legs (approx 12″/30cm long and 0.75″/2cm wide)
    • two arms (approx 6″/15cm and 0.75″/2cm wide)
    • frog face (use and bottle top to mark out eye shape)
    • frog body
    • two front feet/hands
    • two back feet
  2. Cut out the shapes and put to one side.
  3. On the white paper draw two circles to make the pop out eyes (big enough to cover eye section on the head). Colour the centre of the eyes in black for the pupils.
  4. Cut a slit half way through the eye and create a shallow cone shape. Tape the back to hold the shape.
  5. Tape the body and head together on the back.
  6. Fold the legs and arms to make a zigzag shape and tape to the back of the body.
  7. Tape the small feet to the arms and large feet to the legs.
  8. Tape a small loop (I used leftover ribbon) to the back to hang up your frog.
  9. Turn the frog over and tape the eyes to the head.  Tape it like a hinge on the underneath, so the eyes drop down and you don’t see the sellotape.
  10. Draw on the nose and mouth.
  11. On the light coloured card, cut out a tummy patch for the frog. Write the name on the patch and tape to the frog’s tummy.
  12. Hang your frog (or other animal) to the door.

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