Let’s go fly a kite

What do you do when the power is still out for the second day after a nasty storm?  You make a kite!

As this is a DIY toy, make sure you watch your little one when they play with the toy.

  • Lightweight card (I used A4)
  • Drinking straw (or lightweight lollipop sticks)
  • Twine
  • Ribbon
  • Stickers
  • Hole punch (or sharp pencil)
  • Sellotape

There’s no cutting involved, so I let my little mint do whatever she wanted to decorate it (and it gave me a tea break).

  1. Fold the card in half
  2. Next you need to make a diagonal fold on one half of the card, but slightly inset from the corners.
    • Make a mark on the top of the card, 3cm/1.25″ in from the folded edge
    • Make another mark on the bottom of the card, 3cm/1.25″ in from the edge of the card
    • Fold the card to make a diagonal fold starting and ending on the marks.
  3. Repeat on the other folded half of the card, so they’re mirror images.
  4. Now you’ll have the kite face with the “spine” at the back.
  5. On the narrow part of the spine, punch a whole.  This will be used later with the twine.  You want to leave at least 1.25cm/0.5″ around the hole.
  6. Sellotape the drinking straw to the front of the kite, at the top, to support the structure.
  7. Add some ribbon to the base on the kite.
  8. Add some stickers (or do some doodling if you don’t have any stickers).
  9. Attach the twine to the kite through the hole created earlier.
  10. Add a small drinking straw (or stick) to the centre of the twine to make it easier to release the kite when flying it.
  11. Wait for a windy and dry day to fly your kite.



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